KONTEXT is a new concordance software designed to manage and perform operations on your text file or corpus. The software was designed to handle transcriptions of spoken language in particular, but it can be used with any type of text. It extracts words, phrases, or sequences of characters with both their preceding and following context. For each instance (or token) found by KONTEXT, results will display where exactly the token was found within the text, and provides the source/text file ID it belongs to, the line in the text where it appears and the speaker who uttered it. You can add .TXT files to your concordance and merge specific files and/or specific speakers in order to perform your concordance and search only a specific subset of the corpus.
You can search single words, compound words, or sequences of characters/clusters (e.g. useful to find all words ending in -ing). KONTEXT allows you to search the targeted word/sequence by also choosing its placement in the text, such as 'begins with', 'ends with', 'anywhere' in the word (e.g. useful to check the frequency of words containing a sequence of letters such as tr: treasure, instrument, control, etc.). Explore the many other options available to you (e.g. word lists, clipboard, exporting results, etc.) by downloading your copy of KONTEXT today and start concordancing your corpus.
Kontext uses UTF-8 as its encoding and can support many languages. Also.. it's 100% FREE.

Your text files won't need much editing prior to using KONTEXT, but keep the following three things in mind:

1. Save your transcription as a plain text file (.txt) and preserve line breaks;
2. All characters between square brakets are considered as speaker code, such as speakers [2], [023] and [1] in the excerpt below;
3. All characters between parentheses are comments and won't count towards your concordance, such as (laughing/rire).

Example of a transcription of spontaneous speech (adapted from Poplack 1989: 446. The care and handling of a mega-corpus: The Ottawa-Hull French project):

  1. (MARDI LE PREMIER JUIN 1982) (COUTU5, 78, V. CORR 5)
  2. (ADELE COUTU. NO. 001A. PM 1, GB 2, AC 023)
  3. [2] Trente-sept ans. [023] Oui, qu’on demeure ici- ici dans rue, [1] ah bon !
  4. Où est-ce-que vous viviez avant? [023] Avant bien… on a de—demeuré
  5. on Basse-Ville. [1] Ah oui! [023] Mhm. [2] Puis- puis c’est pourquoi-que vous avez
  6. déménagé comma ça ici dans… ? [023] Dans Vanier ? [2] Ouais. [023] Bien, on a
  7. déménagé dans- dans Vanier c’est parce que le- le- la propriété nous
  8. intéressait ici, tu sais? Puis dans le temps, bien c’était pas
  9. cher. (rire). Quand je dis ça aux enfants c’est effrayant.

Once you've checked your file meets these three conditions, you are good to go! Kontext will take care of everything else.

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Use the following method to cite/reference Kontext (APA style):

Digesto, S. (2020). Kontext (Version BETA) [Computer Software]. Ottawa, Canada: University of Ottawa. Available from https://www.digesto.ca/kontext

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